Bosch WAS24460 Front Load Washer

Lots of extra features
Good for the environment
Quiet operation
Child Safe

Balancing mechanism is too sensitive
Can’t handle large loads

The Bosch WAS24460 Front Load Washer is a compact front loader packed with extra features. This washer features 15 wash presets, along with several extra settings including “extra rinse” and “heavy duty”. With the Bosch WAS24460 Front Load Washer, you can choose from five different temperature levels and five spin speeds. It is Energy Star compliant, child safe, and offers quiet operation.

Bosch WAS24460UCAxxis 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer – Energy Star


2.3 out of 5 stars (17 customer reviews)

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I recently purchased a new Bosch WAS24460 Front Load Washer for my apartment. I chose this particular brand and model because my apartment is small, and this washer fits neatly in the limited space I have to work with. In addition, I was looking for a washing machine with a child safe feature. I have a young son, and his safety is very important to me. Finally, I wanted a front loader with a lot of options to customize the wash cycle based on the type of clothing I need to clean.

All in all, I would give this washing machine 4 stars. It is perfect for my little family, but it was quite expensive. Despite the cost, I would probably purchase it again given the opportunity. In addition, I would definitely recommend the Bosch WAS24460 Front Load Washer to other consumers like me. However, it is not for everyone. Again, I paid a pretty high price for this machine. Some consumers may not be willing to pay that much when cheaper models are available. Also, this washer does not have a large capacity and is ill-suited for large loads of clothing. I have a relatively small family, so it works well for me, but someone with more laundry to do would need a bigger machine.


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