Haier HWD1000 Review

The Haier WHD1000 Front Load Washer is a wonderful washer / dryer combination with an easy to read electric control panel on the front. This machine has a 1.7 cubic foot stainless steel drum and can work off of any regular sockets in your home. This is a great space saver in any home and can be built into your cabinets with ease.


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Pro and Contra

This machine is wonderful for apartment, or RV, use as it is a great space saver and does not require outside venting. The moisture from the drying cycle will condense and run down a drain instead of needing to be vented outside. The control panel comes with LED display which makes it easy to read and use. The Haier Front Load Washer comes with three standard washing cycles, pre-wash, and an extra rinse option. This machine also comes with dispensers that release bleach, fabric softener, and detergent at just the right times during washing cycles. For an added benefit it comes with six fabric-care wash cycles, auto temperature select, and the ability to turn on or off the spin option, self locking door, self cleaning lint filter, delay start, and quiet operation.

On the downside, the customer service with the Haier Company is less than can be desired. If problems arise with your unit, you may spend quite a bit of time on the phone trying to resolve the matter. This model is also known to leak some and can be prone to pump failure. This is not the best model for someone who is looking for a machine that they can start using immediately. There is quite a bit of preparation involved as you will have to take the time to sit down and read all of the directions to familiarize yourself with all of the options this machine offers.

Recommended For:

This is definitely not for the technology challenged. However, if you love gadgets and owning machines that are a little smarter than you, then this is the washer/dryer for you. This machine can virtually do it all and save you valuable time along the way. I would recommend this machine for those living in tight spaces with little time to waste doing laundry. No more waiting for the washer to finish so you can put the clothes into the dryer. I give this product 3.5 stars.


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