GE Spacemaker WSM2420D Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

Purchasing a new washer and dryer is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Combination Washer/ Dryer units are a popular choice for many since they save space and are often considered energy efficient. However these combo units are not the right choice for everyone. Those with large families, or even a large bedding may want to consider other options, even if it means continuing to utilize the laundromat.

The GE Spacemaker WSM2420D Top Load Stacked Washer/Dryer brings mixed reviews from users. Single people living in small places seem to enjoy their GE Spacemaker the most. Those giving the combo unit high reviews like the compact size that fits well in a small utility room or bathroom. Clothes come out as clean, and with three water levels, three temperature levels, two speed and 13 wash presets it meets the basic needs of one or two people.

However, not everyone is thrilled with the GE Spacemaker WSM2420D. Those giving low ratings site the small size, the noise of the unit (despite advertising that it is supposed to be quiet), a tendancy to break down, and too much moving while in operation are reasons for dissastisfaction.

The GE Spacemaker WSM2420D is best received by users that need a place to wash their towels, everyday clothes and workout clothes. In order for this to be practical loads should be kept very small, and if laundry is not done often that may be hard to do for a lot of people. However, it does serve its purpose.

Families should not plan on using this every day, but only for a light emergency load when they can’t get to the laundomat. It’s best for single people whose laundry loads are very small. With a limited practical customer base, the GE Spacemaker WSM2420D rates at 3 stars.


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