Samsung WF330ANW Washer Review

The Samsung WF330ANW Washer is the best washer I have ever used! It is efficient and cleans well. I like that it does not have an agitator, which always tangles the clothes. It is a nice, large size, so it is capable of large loads. That means less laundry to do!


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TheĀ ”Samsung WF330ANW Washer” itself has a good display and is visually appealing. It is easy to use and it seems durable with it’s sturdy build.

I also like that it is quiet, not loud like most large washers. But, I must mention that the best part is that the Samsung WF330ANW Washer is quite inexpensive for the quality of the machine. You definitely get your money’s worth for how effective this washer is.
I do love the Samsung WF330ANW Washer, but I have one complaint. You must leave the door open on it or else you might get mold from the moisture inside of it. My friend experienced this and passed the warning onto me.


Overall, I give this washer 5 stars and I would recommend this washer for how well it cleans, how quiet it is, how durable and large it is, and the good price range


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