Bosch WFVC54 Front Load Washer

When I was trying to find the perfect washer for my new home I was having troubles finding the right machine with so many different options. I decided on the Bosch WFVC54 Front Load Washer and have been very happy with my decision. There are a lot of positive factors associated with this Bosch Front Load Washer that made buying the machine a good choice.Some of the major pros associated with the Bosch WFVC54 Front Load Washer include Ecosmart technology, which are sensors that help make the machine more energy efficient. It also has 15 different wash cycles, a 27″ loading area with 4.4 cubic feet of space, an allergy rinse sensor, it is incredibly silent, and of course environmentally friendly technology incorporated into it.

The biggest reason people are going to choose thisĀ ”Bosch WFVC54 Front Load Washer” is because of the Ecosmart technology and money saving features. Bosch is considered to be the most energy efficient brand in America by many. The claims made by this company include Bosch being the 2009 Energy Star Partner of the Year, this product exceeds Energy Star 2011 guidelines, and that it can turn 13 gallons of water into 400 gallons of washing power. I do not know if all of these are true, but I do know this is a great energy efficient washing machine.

There are not a lot of negatives associated with this product. The cleaning power could be a little better, and the price might be a little high for some people, but besides that I can’t really think of a negative. When you combine all of the energy efficient technology it has with its good size, durability, and very quiet cycles; I would say you have a fantastic washing machine. I give it 4.5 stars out of five and am very happy with this purchase.



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