GE Spacemaker WSM2780W Stacked Washer / Dryer

The GE Spacemaker WSM2780W Stacked Washer / Dryer was designed for homes and apartments with limited space. It offers a full sized washer with the dryer above it. It also offers 3 wash cycles and the dryer offers 4 dry cycles. The washer cycles are selected with knobs and the unit is gas fueled.

We were looking for something that would conserve space in our apartment. This GE Spacemaker WSM2780W Stacked Washer / Dryer is only 27 inches wide so that was a plus. It comes with a quiet package which we were looking for. The fact that it was an extra large washer and yet came in a stackable unit impressed us. We decided to buy one as it suited our needs. It does run extremely quiet and gets our clothes wonderfully clean.

The dryer works great as well. In fact our clothes come out of the dryer pretty much lint-free. This combo was affordable and has proved to be efficient in all areas. For apartment living it is just the thing. I would recommend it and have to all our friends.

I would definitely purchase the “GE Spacemaker WSM2780W Stacked Washer / Dryer” again. I also give it a 5* rating. For performance and quality, it is the combo to purchase.


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