Samsung WF220AN Washer

I recently purchased a Samsung WF220AN Washer and have been very pleased with it. I never believe it when a sales person tells me how great any product is, but this washer lived up to the hype.


It is very quiet. When I close the laundry room door, I cannot even hear it anymore. I think my neighbors may have heard my old one sometimes. Also, it uses very little water. This was not a selling point for me, because water is cheap and I am not an environmentalist. However, hot water is not cheap and I find now that I have the Samsung WF220AN Washer I use the hot water setting when the clothes call for it instead of always using cold.

The biggest problem I have had with it is that at first I did not think it worked when I did not see it fill up with water. I found out this is because it only adds a little water at a time and only the amount that is needed. I have heard of people who have had problems with their brand new “Samsung WF220AN Washer”, but I did not. If you do I would think the warranty would cover you.

Based on my experience I would rate this washer a five and have already recommended it to a friend who is shopping around for a new washer. Find more Samsung Washer


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