Bosch WFVC3300 Front Load Washer

The Bosch WFVC3300 Front Load Washer has a 4.4 cubic feet capacity. It spins at 1100 RPM’s and is energy efficient. This washer also comes with an Anti-Vibration System for quieter operation.

When we began looking for a new washer, we wanted to try a front loading machine because so many of our friends owned this type and loved it. We also wanted a machine rated with the Energy Star. We found this machine with all the features we wanted and at a price to fit our budget in this economy. What really sold my wife on this front loading machine was the quietness it promised with the Anti-Vibration System. The Bosch WFVC3300 Front Load Washer has been everything it promised and is super quiet to boot.

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We would buy this¬†”Bosch WFVC3300 Front Load Washer “again and we would also recommend it to friends and relatives. Did we mention his machine uses less water and less detergent and gets our clothes fantastically clean. It is recommended you use a High Efficiency detergent for less sudsing, but you use so much less detergent, you will really save money in the long run. We give this machine a 5* rating overall.

I hope anyone looking for a front loading washing machine will check out the Bosch WFVC3300 Front Load Washer they definitely won’t be disappointed.


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