Bosch WFVC544 Front Load Washer

PRO Big capacity tub, 15 different wash cycles to choose from
CONTRA Low to the ground

My old washer was too expensive to fix so I began searching the internet. I have always been a person to read reviews of products on line before I buy them and found great reviews for this Bosch front load washer. I always thought the name Bosch was an expensive brand, but this was not the case here.

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The Bosch WFVC544 front load washer was very reasonably priced for the features it had. One of these features is that there are 15 different wash cycles. Because I like to wash my baby’s clothes separately from other items, this washer lets me do this with its BabyCare cycle. The large capacity tub lets me wash bulky comforters from beds, which saves me money by not having to haul them to the laundry mat. I also enjoy knowing that there is a quick 20 minute wash cycle so when my husband spills something on his shirt, I can get it washed fast so he can wear it. I was amazed that a regular full wash cycle was just 45 minutes long and the spin cycle of the wash really gets a lot of water out of the clothes so it takes me less time to dry them.

The washer itself stays put, does not travel on the floor, and is rather quiet when spinning. The washer is also Energy Star rated so I know I am helping the environment. The pull out tray for soap and bleach is easy to use and the control knobs and buttons are large and readable. One draw back I am trying to get used to is the front load feature of the washer.

I have always had a top load washer, but felt a front load unit may be more convenient to load. This is true when you are putting clothes into it from a basket on the floor, but when bending to take the clothes from the washing tub to the dryer I am noticing that the washing machine is close to the ground. I am going to purchase a pedestal to put the washer on to take care of this issue. I would recommend this front load washer to other consumers.

I rate this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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