GE WSM2700W/WW/AA Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

The GE WSM2700W/WW/AA top load stacked washer / dryer is a stacked unit that measures 30.81 inches deep, 75.5 inches high and 27 inches wide and it weighs 287 pounds. By stacking the dryer on top of the washer it saves space and makes it work great in a small bathroom. It uses 793 kilo watt hours a year of power which cost approximately $80.00 a year to operate. It cost $1399.99 for this model washer and dryer combination. This model is a bit expensive but it beats having to go to the laundry mat all the time.

The washing machine holds about 2.7 cubic feet of clothing. This means it will hold about six or seven large bath towels at a time or one a small blanket. It has a dispenser for bleach and seems to work best when you use liquid laundry soap verses powdered. You can set the size of load you wish to wash with three different water levels and there are nine washing cycles to choose from. The dryer has three different settings with a timer you can set for however long you think they need to dry. The dryer section of the unit has a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet of clothes and requires a 30 amp breaker for the plug.

I got the GE WSM2700W/WW/AA washer and dryer unit from my aunt when our washing machine bit the bullet last year. She said it was a good washing machine but preferred a bigger one because her grand kids were staying with her now and she has a lot of washing that needs to be done. The dryer is huge in comparison to the washer section but it still works well for three to four people. Rated on a scale of one to five this unit would be about a three because of the high price.


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