Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer


Extremely Quiet
Large Capacity
Low energy and water usage
Eco-boost with Eco Monitor


Not good for washing delicates
More expensive than other models

Before I purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer, I had a very noisy machine that absolutely murdered my electric bill. I was looking for a new washer that was eco-friendly and would save my family money on energy and water. I liked the look of this particular model, but it seemed a bit pricey. However, I have been very pleased with this washing machine, and I think it was completely worth the money. Just as promised, it cleans my clothes effectively with less water and energy. Not only that, but it is extremely quiet.

I have a big family, and this washer has been perfect for us. It can handle large capacity loads with no problem. My clothes come out perfectly clean and smelling fresh every time.

My only complaint about this machine is that it seems a bit too rough for my delicate items when I wash them with my regular clothes. As long as I separate them and use the delicate cycle setting, they usually come out okay. I have only had one item emerge damaged so far.

I would definitely give this product 4.5 stars. I am not completely thrilled with its treatment of my delicates, but other than that, it has been an amazing washer. I would absolutely buy it again, and I would recommend it to anyone currently in the market for a new washing machine.


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