Frigidaire GLEH1642F Front Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

We live in a small condominium unit and have little room for a full size side by side washer and dryer so a combination washer/dryer stackable unit is ideal for us. Since it is just myself and my husband, this Frigidaire stackable unit can handle all my laundry needs. It fits perfectly in the closet in our bathroom and is really convenient. The unit’s crisp, white steel exterior is very sleek looking.

PRO Space saving washer/dryer unit, Energy Star Rated

CONTRA Loud signal buzzer when clothes are done drying

When we went looking for a washer/dryer unit, I was skeptical about how such a small unit would perform. After trying it out, this Frigidaire Washer/Dryer¬†unit has many features that make it the best washer/dryer I’ve ever used. The washer has an automatic water fill level that only fills the tub so full depending on the size of the load, so it is great for saving water and for saving you money. I received a rebate from my county because of this energy saving unit so don’t forget to check into this. There are also several different wash cycles and water temperatures to choose from when using this washer and it is very quiet. I also find that having a front load door makes it a snap to take the wet clothes from the washer up to the dryer. The control dials are located in the middle of the unit for easy use and are clearly marked and readable.

An advantage of having a stackable washer/dryer unit is the dryer is in a handy location. Because the dryer is located right above the washer, it is easy for me to gather up the wet items and in one smooth motion, place them into the dryer. I was also pleased when I was looking at the unit to see that it had numerous drying standard and specialty cycles so you can pick the one that best suits your needs whether that be drying jeans, towels, permanent press items or delicates. This dryer does it all! One negative thing I found about this dryer is that the end of cycle signal buzzer can be a little loud, but I know when my clothes are finished. So, from one consumer to another, you won’t go wrong purchasing this Frigidaire washer/dryer unit.



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