GE WSM2480D Top Load All-in-One Washer / Dryer

The GE WSM2480D top load all in one washer and dryer is available for about $899.00. The washing machine has a capacity to hold 1.9 cubic feet of clothes per load. There are three settings available for use during the washing cycle and three settings for the water level according to the size load you are planning to wash. The dryer part will hold 4.3 cubic feet of clothes in a single load. There are three settings for the dryer and it features a sensor that will automatically shut off the dryer when the clothes are dry. This helps cut back on unnecessary drying time which saves money. The only issue we have found with the washer is that it is too small to wash a quilt in; therefore those still have to be done at the laundry mat.

The GE WSM2480D top load washer and dryer is a stack-able washer and dryer unit. It has a compact design that is made for small apartments or trailers where space is it at a premium, but can be used anywhere. It occupies a space that is 71.75 inches tall, 27.25 inches deep, and 23.85 inches wide making it a very efficient design. This washer and dryer unit only weighs 257 pounds and can be run on a 120 volt plug that has a 20 amp breaker. It is rated to only use 462 kilo watt hours per year which will cost the average family about $49.00 a year or slightly over 4.00 per month. That is less than what it cost to wash and dry one load at a modern day laundry mat.

Our family typically washes two or three loads of clothes a day. Over the course of a year that would cost in excess of 450.00 at the laundry mat. This means the unit will pay for its self in about two years. One of my favorite things about it is that I can use the top of the washer to set towels on as I fold them, when they come out of the dryer. On a scale of one to five stars I would rate this model with a four for performance, reliability and durability. It is great for small families or a single person but a bit on the small side for families with more than four people.


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