GE Model WSSH300G

The front-loading GE washing machine with the model number WSSH300G is a bit of a surprise. With an interior capacity of 3.5 cubic feet, it makes quick work of even larger loads – such as they may be generated by a family of six – and does it all with appreciable energy savings. One of the features that serve to endear the appliance to the Energy Star program is the differentiation of 10 different wash cycles that allow consumers to pinpoint their fabrics’ need.

Four temperature level settings further deliver hands-on control of the washing process to the consumer. Built-in dispensers release detergent, bleach and fabric softener at the appropriate times during the wash cycles. Taking the guesswork out of this step of course improves the cleanliness quality of the washed clothes. Add to these features the machine’s quiet operation and the price tag, which falls between $580 and $650, is entirely justified.


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