Laundry stinks! What to do?

Sports clothing or worn work clothes can sometimes smell strong. Usually sufficient wash and all is well again. But sometimes the laundry is still grumpy from the machine and smells just do not want will disappear from the fiber. So what to do? We have compiled tips to odors in the laundry for you.
1. Wash also at higher temperatures. It is important now and then wash at a 60 ° machine. By washing with 30 ° and 40 ° bacteria can survive in the washing machine and later form a malodorous film that carries over to the laundry. If you already odors are detected from the machine, you should go through a 60 ° C program and a great cup of vinegar instead of detergent admit essence. Then select at least 3x 60 ° programs in a row.
2. Using powder instead of liquid detergent. In heavy-duty detergents are bleaching substances that kill bacteria. Do not take instead only color detergent you have this effect because these detergents do without bleach.
3. To renounce Short courses: It is easy to wash sportswear with a 30 minutes of programming, but to scrub smells, a sufficient washing time is needed. Why not choose a short programs.
4. Vinegar helps to odors. For textiles that can not be washed at 60 °, you can dab the sweat stains with vinegar essence, soak and then wash. Gall soap also works well against stains and odors.
5. Aerate wet Sportswear immediately. Not sink and forgotten in the bag, then it gets really uncomfortable.


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