Which wireless Iron is good?

That ironing is not one of the most popular activities in the household, that we need not review. Who then dares to ironing, mostly still struggling with insufficient iron and long cables that interfere again.
This need not be, because the market for iron has increased significantly since the introduction of wireless iron, ironing systems and special ironing boards cable holders and also improved. However: who looks only cheap, gets also cheap and, as a free gift nor a bad performance bracket.

The new generation of wireless Iron is well equipped. Special Gleitsohlen, multifunctional steam generators and good wattages for responsive performance. And all without the hassle of wires. That should convince the housewife but – right?

Finding the right iron without cables

With an iron heating time, temperature and sole of steam are important parameters. At 2400 watts of power, the heating of the iron is only a few seconds and the sole temperature is constant.

Iron many heavy items of laundry, a steam output of 35 g / minute in continuous shock and 150g / minute vertical / horizontal shot of steam is very good. Iron with 25 g / minute are suitable for sporadic ironing easier washing. If you much ironing, also the weight of the device can be important. Also ergonomic handles, a placket and the special shirt tip should be criteria before buying.

The prices for wireless Iron fluctuate. Typically, these devices are more expensive than traditional iron but it always comes to the mark. Philips or Tefal offer cordless iron for prices that hover around 100 euros, so-called “cheap brands” are about 30 euros here.


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