Maintain linen

Where was previously the linen mostly consisted of linen or cotton, today many modern materials, such as satin, seersucker, silk or fine beaver have been added. Ideally wash dirty or sweaty bedding at 60 ° C in the washing machine. You should look for delicate fabrics in the washing symbols on the sign.

We have a small help table here:

Material (Washing temperature in degrees Celsius)

  • colorful: 70 °,
  • white: 95 °

Microfiber : 60 °
Jersey : 60 °
Renforcé: 60 °
Seersucker: 40 °

  • colorful: 70 °
  • white: 95 °

Satin: 40 °
Silk: 30 °
Linen: 40 °

At lower temperatures, you can use a hygienic rinser. Softener you do not need more, the clothes will be fresh and fragrant Tumble very soft and outside on a leash.

A tip: Twice a year you should also wash mattress covers, pillows and comforters at 60 °C. The mattress then aspirate the same, ventilate and turn (winter / summer side).


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